Start-up Project: "Manufacturing and trading Vietnamese avocado products" of two students from Ho Chi Minh City Open University - How do young people succeed?

Vu Truong Giang - 19/05/2021 - 0 bình luận

Recently, Ho Chi Minh City Open University was honored and proud when the Startup project "Manufacturing and trading products from Vietnamese avocado trees" of two talented young students participated in the event. Contest "Students with the idea of ​​starting a business" organized by the Ministry of Education and Training. For more than two years of incubating and implementing the project "Manufacturing and trading Vietnamese avocado products", Tran Thi Hao and Truong Huynh Quang Khanh (students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University) have gradually realized their the product reaches a wide range of consumers. In the contest, the two students won the Consolation prize, in addition, the two students won the first prize in the contest "OU students to create and start a business" organized by Ho Chi Minh City Open University.

Our team is very honored and fortunate to be able to chat with you two. The following are words to share from the two of you about the group's start-up process?

Reporter: Hello guys, could you both introduce yourself?

Hao: Our project team consists of 2 people. The team leader is me, Tran Thi Hao, majoring in Economic Law, Faculty of Special Training. The second member is Truong Huynh Quang Khanh, majoring in International Business, Faculty of Special Education. We are all students of Ho Chi Minh City Open University.

Reporter: Where did the reasons come from that helped you two come up with an idea to start a business with buttermeal products? Can you tell about the process and story of you two when going to this buttermeal product?

Khanh: Since 2018, the fact that avocados are in good condition, but because they cannot sell in time, the avocados are damaged, they have to pour out too much, people in Gia Lai province have difficulty in finding the output for the product, leading to the situation of "Rescue the avocado". As a child of Gia Lai, our group thought it was necessary to do something. At this point, we immediately planned to start a fresh Avocado product business on the e-commerce page "MON MON AVOCADO SALT" or happily called "Delicious Avocado Shop!" By customers. But selling avocado is not enough, we realize that as a student studying economic majors, Khanh and Hao must do more than that.

After 2 avocado business cases, in 2020, our group officially embarked on research and nurtured the dream of intensive processing of avocado products. In order to partly help people in the homeland to consume more Avocado. With the strength of cheap input materials, encouragement and support from families, villagers, support from teachers who guide the project implementation. Step by step, through many difficulties, we have launched the product line of beauty butter powder and nutritious butter powder.

Reporter: Why not another product but in powder form? Has the processing of butter into powder been on the market yet and what difficulties did you two face in the process of processing butter into powder?

Hao: We aim at powdered products because we find the popularity and convenience of nutritional supplement products. Our group chose the powder form as the first step towards the intensive production of avocado products. In the future, we will launch new product lines from avocado to serve the needs of consumers such as: Avocado; Butter cream; Butter Sauce ...

For the beauty butter powder product line, which has appeared on the market for about 5 years, most of them use cold drying technology. Avocados are bitter, have high humidity, lose some necessary nutritional ingredients and difficult to preserve for long. But with our technology, the product keeps the nutrition intact and can be used directly as a smoothie, .. and that's an advantage that not all businesses can do.

It has never been easy to build and complete a startup idea with us. And perhaps, the most difficult thing is the process of researching and finding a suitable processing technology for Avocado. The machines are very expensive, so in order to get the finished products of nutritional Butter Powder and beauty Butterflies, we have to learn, learn, test products and ask for opinions from many experts. family, teachers in the food processing industry to get the best and most complete products.

Reporter: Can you two share the process to make buttermeal products?

Hao: There are many steps to produce 2 product lines, nutritious butter powder and beauty butter powder. First, we harvest and buy raw materials that are pure natural avocados that meet the standards, then we will spray the ingredients through mist to clean, then disinfect the avocados through UTZ sterilizers. After the avocado is peeled and seeded, the flesh of the avocado will be dried and de-bitter, finely ground, mixed with safe nutritional ingredients. Once completed, move to the vacuum and packaging process of the product.

Reporter: The outstanding advantages of this buttermeal product as well as the meanings that the buttermeal product brings to life and people?

Khanh: Nutritious butter powder is an easy-to-use, instant product that replenishes the body's essential nutrients, helps the body reduce cholesterol and increases the ability to absorb nutrients. Nutritious butter powder for direct use can replace breakfast or post-exercise. In addition, the product is aimed at all ages, but especially for children, provides essential substances to help improve themselves for children.

The easy-to-use, affordable beauty butter powder product makes the skin shiny, reduces premature aging of the skin, and minimizes dark spots caused by acne. They are smooth and researching this product line into a butter mask, providing convenience that does not take too much time for the customer.

Reporter: What is your group's greatest wish when making this buttermeal product? And can you share your product development orientations and plans in the future?

Khanh: The team researched and launched these two avocado lines because: Avocado is a fruit with a lot of nutrients, the team wants the avocado products to become an essential product. in the kitchen of every Vietnamese family. With the introduction of useful product lines from avocado to consumers, besides the benefits of the product, it also helps farmers to stabilize avocado prices each season. We want them to feel secure to expand their cultivated acreage, so that each year the avocado season comes, they will be happy and happy because they have more income, instead of being sad because they have to find a place to consume avocado.

In the near future, the group is rushing to complete the procedures for establishing an enterprise and applying for quality inspection of avocado products in order to quickly bring the products to the market. For the products of Nutritious Butter Powder and Beauty Butter Powder, the group had a preliminary introduction to the customers. We have successfully launched and many businesses are willing to spend output for the product, a few beauty salons have agreed to sign a long-term contract with the beauty butter powder group.

It is expected that in early 2021, we will directly bring products to the market through the main store in Chu Se district - Gia Lai. Gradually building e-commerce sales channels such as Shoppe, Tiki, Lazada by the name: Mon Mon Butter Shop so that customers can easily find and buy products across the country.