Student Service

In addition to focusing on developing pioneering training programs, the Business Administration Faculty of Ho Chi Minh City Open University always pays attention to the needs and lives of students, from learning activities, research, internships, jobs ... to extracurricular activities, entertainment, community service ...

Support services for learning and research:

• Student online information system site

All students in the Business Administration Faculty, upon admission will be granted a student code and an account to access the student information system. This system provides a variety of facilities such as: viewing test scores, viewing exam schedules, viewing timetables, viewing practice scores, registering online courses, paying tuition fees, ... and register procedures prescribed by the school such as: outpatient registration, online training score assessment, printing deposit vouchers,...

System address:

Contact address for students when they have questions or suggestions on the use of the systems (email, htttsv, elearning ..):

• Student email system

Each student is given a gmail address structured as follows:

This Gmail account is free for students in order to serve and support for learning process. At the same time, this Gmail account is also the main communication portal between the school and students. Students receive important school announcements from this Gmail account.

To be able to use this Gmail account, students need to activate their Gmail account, please access the address:

• E-learning system

E-learning is a website system to support learning, serving teaching and learning of Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Access to the system:

• Library

Ho Chi Minh City Open University Library was established on February 28, 1991, with a total area of ​​1,370 square meters. Currently, the library consists of 5 reading rooms, which are properly invested with extremely rich documents and modern equipment.

More information, please see:

• The Department of advisory and student services:

Consulting the problems relate to learning at school throught a direct consultation, email or online. Receiving applications about educational affair such as leave of absence, course exemption, certificates according to student requirements, guide bank loan procedures, local social policies; providing health and accident insurance for students; review and approve reduction or exemption application student's tuition fee, ...

Responsible department: Department of Academic Affairs

Contact information: Department of Academic Affairs


Student reception room: 006 (ground floor), 97 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 3

Service Line: (08)39.300.027 or (08)39.300.210 (Ext: 600)

•The Department Corporate with Business: Click Here

• Student Activities Department and Team Clubs:

Besides the innovaing and improving the quality of training, the Faculty of Business Administration also pays special attention to create extracurricular activities for students.

Every year, many meaningful and useful activities are held, attracting the participation of hundreds of students. Typically, the activities organized by the Doan - Hoi such as “Mua he xanh” Volunteer Campaign, “Dong hanh cung thi sinh”, “Tiep suc mua thi”, “Xuan tinh nguyen”, “Trung thu cho tre em ngheo”, “Chao don tan sinh vien” Festival, “Hoi trai truyen thong”, “Hoi thao va hoi dien van nghe”, “Teacher’s day”.

Besides, there are 5 clubs in the Faculty, in which 4 clubs are 4 academic playgrounds according to the 4 training programs of the Faculty. They are “Nhan su tre” Club, Open Travel Club, Open Marketing Group and “Doanh nhan tuong lai”. There is also a club named Canh Hat Hong, active in the field of charity. The clubs regularly organize regular meetings or annual traditional activities. Through that, students of the Faculty of Business Administration have many opportunities to practice effective working skills, rubbing and experiencing real life to prepare for the future. Moreover, there have “Canh hat hong” club, charity club. They frequently organises the routine or the annual activities.

Throught those activity, students have many opportunities to practice effective working skills, rubbing and experience real life to prepare for the future.

• School health service station

Room 302 (3rd Floor), 97 Vo Van Tan, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC

Phone: (08)39.301.374 or (08)39.300.210 (Ext: 302)