The Process Of Formation And Development

The Faculty of Business Administration - the nurturing place of business and management dreams, the graduation place of the college students class - thousands of students have graduated, have achieved, and have contributed to society.

As the first Business Management Training place in Ho Chi Minh City, since 1990, after more than 26 years of construction and maturity, the Faculty of Business Administration is at a new level, many challenges and difficulties promote the faculty to rise and affirm.

Intending to become one of the leading training places in Business Administration in Ho Chi Minh City, the faculty members have great ambition. A team of consensus, a collaboration of experienced teachers, and enthusiastic, confident, and energetic young teachers on the path to the future.

Passing through the bends of history, now in the Faculty of Business Administration, where the flow of enthusiasm and wholehearted spirit for students is always flowing, each individual always finds love for the school roof, with friends and colleagues, and proudly contributes to society, to the community.

The teaching staff of the Faculty of Business Administration currently includes 67 organic lecturers and visiting lecturers with in-depth knowledge and good teaching methods. Faculty lecturers often approach and penetrate reality through business tour programs, participate in consulting projects, organize short-term training courses at the request of enterprises. Professional meetings, scientific seminars, and thematic reports are held periodically at the faculty to help teachers improve their academic expertise and practical application.

Attendance programs, training sessions, seminars on improving the quality of teaching-learning, advanced training methods centered on students, ways to innovate distance learning ... organized regularly to help teachers improve their teaching skills. The scientific research activities of lecturers are also supported and gradually developed. As a result, the faculty has conditions to improve capacity, respond to changes and requirements of the new era.

Lecturer of Faculty of Business Administration in the 25th Anniversary Ceremony of the School

Faculty of Business Administration in the seminar: The role of lecturers in the development of the school.

Lecturers of the Faculty of Business Administration have a field trip in an enterprise.

The curriculum of the department is designed practically with many new and updated subjects. In addition to constantly improving the quality of training through teaching activities in the school, business tours, seminars from business administrators to help students have the experience. The reality of business and administration is the activities the faculty always focuses on. A dynamic learning environment with 4 clubs for 4 training majors, regularly organizing periodical activities, annual academic competitions to create a playground for the students in the faculty. Contests: Conquering Employers, I am Marketer, Ticket for Tomorrow, Open Tour attracted and participated by hundreds of students. Scientific research activities of students are always focused and developed. 

Contest Conquering recruiters - The young personnel club

Contest ticket for tomorrow - The young entrepreneurs’ club

Camp activities, extracurricular activities, community activities to help students practice many soft skills and integration are also organized regularly such as the New Student Welcome Program, Traditional Festival of Faculty 11/11, Knowledge Flower Festival, Book Festival, Volunteer Spring Program, Children's New Year program for poor children, Traditional Camp of QTKD Faculty, Mid-Autumn Festival for Children, Green Summer, ... These are the outstanding advantages of the Faculty of Business Administration. Thereby, the skills of self-development, spirit of commitment, adaptation, motivation, and creativity of faculty students are constantly being trained and developed.

Training Camp for the officers of the Faculty of Business Administration.

Spring Volunteer Campaign.

Green summer volunteer campaign for students of the Faculty of Business Administration in Dak Lak, Central Highlands.

The Intellectual Flower Day celebrates VietnamsesTeachers Teacher's Day, November 20.

Traditional camp of the Faculty of Business Administration.

School Sport Event.

Being proud and continuing the tradition of the faculty, inheriting and developing to welcome the future is the motto that the Faculty of Business Administration always aims for. Constantly improving and adapting to change, always training and preparing well to be ready for the opportunities, and responding to the challenges of the future are practical actions of the faculty and students of the Faculty of Business To preserve the 25-year tradition of development.