Rouen Program

Faculty of business administration – 13/05/2019


The De Rouen Normandie (France) University

Rouen Normandie is one of the leading public universities in France with the quality of teaching according to European standards. Specially, the university ranks TOP 2 in teaching business in France.

City of Rouen: Rouen is a city in the Seine, Maritime department and the capital of the Normandy region (Northern France), considered a city of art and history with a rich architectural and religious heritage. It is about 90 minutes from magnificent Paris, Rouen is still a quiet, peaceful city in vast France.


Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Ho Chi Minh City Open University cooperates with De Rouen Normandie University (France) on formal university training association for the Professional Bachelor of International Trade program. The curriculum ensures optimal teaching rates between lecturers and real-world professionals.

Ho Chi Minh City Open University is a multi-disciplinary university under the Ministry of Education and Training, carrying on the mission of contributing to promoting the development of learning society. The school has been continued training a young generation with enough knowledge and bravery to be ready to integrate with international education.

The Training program

International standard training program, granted by the Rouen University Normandie (France)

  • 100% learning in English
  • 70% the teaching knowledge from real managers
  • 70% of business or community experience practice courses.