Our Alumni

After more than 25 years of establishment, the Faculty of Business Administration Open University of Ho Chi Minh City has over 3 million students in all around the country.

You are a member of the Community Faculty of Business Administration student of if you have studied and trained at the school from 1990 to the present.

Community liaison group of students of  Business Administration is responsible for supporting all students to maintain relations with the Faculty.

As a member of the community, you will have:

 - Maintaining contact with Faculty and updating information of the activities of the Faculty

 - Attending the annual traditional festival and thematic presentations

- Finding information and staying in touch with students who have graduated from other

 - Expanding the network of professional relations and social

 - Finding old classmates and establishing new relationships through data system of the Faculty of  Business Administration.

 - There are opportunities for develop career and lifelong learning.

Register information here to join and enjoy the benefits of Community Alumni Department of Business Administration.

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