Partner with BAOU

With the mission of "training human resources and popularizing modern business management knowledge to meet the needs of society with flexible training methods and lifelong learning opportunities", Faculty of Business Administration looks forward to long-term cooperation with businesses and organizations.

We are committed to building strong relationships with businesses and organizations to ensure that our education and training programs are tailored to the needs of our business.

Cooperation in many areas includes:

Talkshow organization


Your business can be sponsored in the following forms:

1. Sponsor the activities of academic and volunteer clubs such as OMG Club - Open Marketing Group, Youth Club, Travel Club, Future Entrepreneurs Club and Hac Hong Club.

2. Sponsors major annual academic contests such as "I'm a Marketer," "Recruiting Employers," "Open Tour," and "Ticket for Tomorrow."

3. Sponsor business trips to provide a real-world perspective for students

Chung kết cuộc thi “Khởi nghiệp cùng sinh viên”


Talkshow organization

In order to bring the connection between business and students, the Faculty of Business Administration is looking for enterprises to participate in the program of seminars to share the practical knowledge, experience, skills and needs of the Business for students Faculty of Business Administration. This will certainly be an activity that helps students improve their knowledge and skills to suit the business.


Talkshow Digital Marketing



The Faculty of Business Administration would like to receive the cooperation from you through scholarship programs to better facilitate the students.


Scholarships for excellent students
Scholarships for disadvantaged students
Scholarships for students with special achievements

Học bổng cho sinh viên có thành tích xuất sắc

Business benefits received when working with the Faculty of Business Administration HCMC:

1. Brand, name, company image is widely and widely spread in the student community, this is the customer as well as the potential partner of the business in the future.

2. The logo and image of the business are displayed on the main website (with links to the main website of the business) and official fanpage of the Faculty of Business Administration, fanpage, , Clubs, clubs ...

3. Be a long-term partner of the faculty in all academic activities, scientific research, business consulting ...

4. Prioritized cooperation in the implementation of scientific research related to issues of concern enterprises

5. Be given priority to provide excellent and excellent student information so that you can search for potential administrators and trainees.

6. With goodwill for co-development, the Faculty of Business Administration at HCMC Open University believes in the good and long-term success of the cooperation between us and the business.

Businesses and organizations wishing to co-operate please contact us via:

Address: Room 403, 35-37 Hồ Hảo Hớn, District 1,  Ho Chi Minh City.
Phone: 08 3838 6604