Why choose BAOU

Founded in 1990, along with the founding of the Open University in Ho Chi Minh City, the Faculty of Business Administration, also known as BAOU, was one of the first places to train the business administration in Vietnam. With a 25-year history, BAOU has proudly carried out the mission of training and popularizing human resource and modern business management knowledge. In order to meet the needs of society, BAOU has been applying a variety of flexible training methods and lifelong learning opportunities. The Faculty of Business Administration has become one of the leading centers of management training and application in Ho Chi Minh City. As one of the cradles of business administration in Vietnam, the Faculty of Business Administration has affirmed its position through the prestige of the quality of educating; Committed to training valuable, skillful businessmen and managers for society. They are committed, able to adapt quickly to the working environment and are constantly innovating for success, contributing to the development of society.

Today, the Faculty of Business Administration has trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs and managers who have been actively involved in all business activities of all economic sectors at home and abroad.

Currently, the Faculty of Business Administration consists of 10,000 students, including nearly 2,000 full-time and 8,000 full-time and part-time students. Dedicated and professional teaching staffs The faculty consists of more than 40 full-time faculty members who have solid professional knowledge and practical work experience are more than 92% graduating from reputable universities in England, France, America, Australia, Germany. In addition, the faculty has more than 40 contemporary lecturers who are highly recruited from prestigious universities across the country and more than 70% of them are senior executives of companies. The training program is very practical. The curriculum is designed in a practical way, allowing students to choose from a wide variety of subjects to maximize their personal qualities and focus on foreign languages. At the Faculty of Business Administration, you can choose one of four training disciplines + Business Administration with 2 specializations: General Business Administration and Tourism and Travel Management + International Business + Marketing + Human Resources Management The training program offers many opportunities to foster the development of soft skills for students, often inviting managers of large companies to share with students about job opportunities, requirements of enterprises at the present, counseling, orientation and career planning for students, as well as exchanging important topics are attracting training disciplines. A dynamic environment for students Students of the Faculty of Business Administration have many opportunities to participate in the activities of the association, the activities of clubs, academic contests and the scientific research. Currently, there are 5 clubs in the Faculty, of which 4 clubs are 4 academic courses under 4 faculties. These are: Open Marketing Group – OMG (Marketing), Future Entrepreneur Club (International Business), Human Resources Club (Human Resources), Open Travel Club (Tourism Management). In addition, BAOU has a Cánh Hạt Hồng Club which regularly organizes volunteer activities and community activities.

The clubs regularly hold periodic professional meetings and four academic competitions in the year, corresponding to four faculties, namely “Recruiting Employers”, “Ticket for Tomorrow”, “I am a Marketer”, and “Open Tour”, which opens up the playing field and development opportunities for the students. Student research activities are also gradually being developed with the award of the ministerial level The activities of the Union - Association is very exciting. Typically, Volunteer Green Summer Volunteer Campaigns, Paralympic Volunteer Matches, Spring Volunteer Season, Mid-Autumn Festival for poor children, New Student ceremony, And Happy Teacher Day festival. These activities have attracted the participation of hundreds of students, recognized by the school and the society. Bring very high employment opportunities According to the latest statistics, 100% of graduates of the faculty have found jobs, of which more than 96% of graduates have jobs in accordance with trained professionals. About 67% of students have part-time jobs from their second year of college. Especially good foreign language students have good positions in multinational corporations, foreign companies.