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On the morning of March 21, 2021, at Ho Hao Hon branch of Open University Ho Chi Minh City performed the Talkshow "Startup Story", this event was organized by the Business Administration Startup Club in collaboration with The Vietnamese Startup Incubator and the Southern National Startup Advisory Council. Here you have been discussing and learning about startup inspiration and startup ecosystem from 3 speakers:

• Ms. Pham Lan Khanh – CEO & Founder Freelancer Viet, member of the Southern National Startup Advisory Council.

• Ms. Mary Pham – General Manager of Joint Stock Vuon Uom Khoi Nghiep Viet Nam Company.

• Mr. Vo Ho Hoang Phuc Lecturers of the Startup subject, Business Administration faculty, member of the Southern National Startup Advisory Council.

In recent years, the number of startups has been growing strongly in the business community, especially the young generation of Vietnam. Starup is an arduous and challenging journey. So how to start a business and where to start? To answer the above questions, the speakers shared about the journey to success to help students better visualize as well as equip themselves with more knowledge in the future. At the same time, entrepreneurs concentrate on the challenges they face and also give experiences so that young people can face and overcome the problems that occur in the startup process.

In the meeting, we had the opportunity to meet with Ms. Pham Lan Khanh, CEO & Founder, (One of the largest job search sites for Freelancers) and (Getdone is a platform that connects technology talents in the blockchain sector who can work as full-time employees or free translators, with clients across the globe in the blockchain industry). In order to learn more the stories and the difficulties she has experienced throughout her career. She shared: "I've always been concerned, why freelancers abroad have developed and not yet in Vietnam. This is the reason why I gathered freelancers together at a group on Facebook". Additionally, to flourishing a busniess, business owners often develop products first, then build a community of consumers. Building community before product development is a job that very few businesses choose. However, she started her business by building community before launching a product. By bold thinking and interesting ideas that "go against the majority", nowadays she has become the first Vietnamese startup to "hold" in the hands of a large number of Vietnamese freelancers and connect them with thousands of businesses. She is also the award-winning female CEO Founder of The Year from Vietnam Rice Bowl Startup Awards.

Ms. Mary Pham is a CEO of Vuon Uom Khoi Nghiep Viet, she gave us lessons to help businesses manage cash flow extremely effectively and extremely interesting perspectives. The people who contribute to the business must be clear and balance in the division of shares, to avoid bad consequences. Businesses that are still behind schedule to sell want to develop can collaborate and find a company specializing in sales, then divide their shares so that they can help themselves distribute products and find a media company and share shares with them so that they can communicate with us. When we do that, we can speed up sales to avoid inventory and not sell.

During the Talkshow, there was a question between speakers and people that asked, "When should we stop when starting a business does not bring results?". To answer this question, Ms. Lan Khanh expressed that in the process of starting a business, it is necessary to have her own opinions, but there must be listening, consulting with those around her and especially the advice of the previous ones. Young people should think carefully, plan carefully and bring ideas to implement. In the process of starting a business always innovate to quickly adapt. If we don't achieve the goals of each of the set stages, we should stop.

Through the talkshow, you must have received a lot of knowledge for yourself. Besides, the stories of the start-up path will motivated young people who have been intending to do this.

Ms. Pham Lan Khanh – CEO & Founder Freelancer Viet, member of the Southern National.

Startup Advisory Council.

Ms. Mary Pham – General Manager of Joint Stock Vuon Uom Khoi Nghiep Viet Nam Company.

OU students attend the Talkshow.