Dear all,

Welcome you to Faculty of Business Administration in HCMC Open University where dreams become business manager of several generations student have been brought up and become true. Now we are waiting the next opportunity to travel with ambition and passion in your success. As the high school students directing their future, you will find many diverse choice of study at the Faculty of Business Administration. We recommend that there’s no any industry is an absolute advantage to help you successful but only a burning passion for what you love and pursue with enthusiasm decide your future.

With the spirit of innovation and creative student-centered, science faculty of Business Administration consists of 35 faculty members and 150 guest lecturers from universities, managers in the enterprises, multinational corporations, not only teachers with knowledge, with good teaching methods, but also is the trusted  and friendly advisor, helping you create the bright future when you come to us.

At the Faculty of Business Administration, learning always designed to align you with practical, dynamic environment and openness always create opportunities to connect you with the changing business world. Academic competitions, clubs, visiting businesses tour, thematic reports to help you with practical experience in business and administration. The camp activities, extracurricular activities, community activities to train your soft skills and integration capabilities. The exchange program, in cooperation with commercial enterprises, manufacturing and services, corporations and especially travel agencies, hotels are held regularly every year what gives you the opportunity to starting a business, and more importantly it gives confidence for yourself. Thus, 600 graduates annually are formal university system could find jobs and enterprises increasingly prioritize recruited 1200 students of Distance Learning Systems and 300 students Work-study system are advancement opportunities than before learning

In addition, the curriculum of the Faculty of Business Administration is recognized by one of the world's universities, so you will have the opportunity to transition in the 3rd year to receive a foreign university degree or study to the higher education after the end of the bachelor of Business Administration program.


Dear friends, we are confident and expect that the value that you bring to the organization is not only to complete our responsibility but also the spirit of commitment, integration capabilities and dynamic, creative thinking ability, and above all the desire to succeed.

I wish you a lot of energy on the way to future.

                                                                                          Dean at Faculty of Business Administration


                                                                                                                                 Trinh Thuy Anh.